Welcome to the Intelligent Structures and Systems Research Lab

The Intelligent Systems and Structures Research Lab (iSSRL) is located in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at NC State University. The lab is directed by Associate Professor Matthew Bryant and focuses on enabling novel dynamic and mechatronic systems for energy, aerospace, actuation, and control applications. Our multi-disciplinary research interests include smart materials, ambient energy harvesting, adaptive structures, fluid-structure interaction, robot mobility, and bio-inspired engineering design.


Latest News

New research in dynamic modeling and control of autonomous exploration vehicles::

Congratulations to Summer 2020 iSSRL graduates:

Congratulations to Stefan Atay (PhD, Mechanical Engineering) on his succesful PhD defense.

Congratulations to Summer and Fall iSSRL graduates:

Congratulations to Raj Waghela (PhD, Aerospace Engineering), Warren Weisler (PhD, Aerospace Engineering), and Ben Kirschmeier (PhD, Mechanical Engineering) on the their successful PhD defenses.

New research in lift generation during a wing’s water-to-air:

Ben Kirschmeier publishes a new way to harvest renewable energy:

Lab Research Page and Journal of Fluids and Structures Article

Unmanned, Fixed Wing-Aircraft First to Travel Through Water:

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The Navy’s Next Jet May Have Its Own Drone:

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